Gifts That Keep On Giving

16 December 2016
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Gifts That Keep On Giving


     During this time of year, I love to hear "Merry Christmas." When someone says, "Happy Holidays," it has an empty ring of secularism that, frankly, I do not appreciate. No matter how this greeting is dressed up, it still contributes to redefining the Christmas season. So, Merry Christmas!


     My favorite part of Christmas is giving gifts. Fern and the girls will testify to the fact that I have always been one who gives Christmas gifts out of proportion to what is normal or expected. Why? I am not sure, but I just love giving gifts. Perhaps Gary Chapman can explain why I am like that.


     I like to get gifts, too. I just like to give them more. My favorite gifts are books. I like to call them the gifts that keep on giving. I look back over my years of ministry and I recall giving hundreds of books to church leaders, deacons, staff members, teachers, parents, students, and young people in (or entering into) ministry. To me, books have been tools, and I have loved putting those tools into needy hands. As I have gotten older, I have had the privilege of writing five books. Number six is seventy-five percent completed.


     If you are like me and want to put a solid, biblical, challenging book into the hands of someone you love for Christmas, let me suggest that you give them a copy of my newest book, Lectures from the Gates of Hell . It has a wealth of insight into the struggles we face against the unseen enemy. It is a warning of what can happen when believers are not on guard. It is an encouragement for everyone who is attempting to faithfully serve Jesus Christ. To get the best price consider ordering it from I hope you are blessed by this labor of love. And, Merry Christmas!

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