Pushing Privacy

25 October 2016
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Pushing Privacy



     The lynchpin in Roe v. Wade which legalized abortion on demand in the United States was the sudden "right to privacy." In other words, if a woman wanted to terminate a pregnancy, the conclusion was that it was nobody's business but her own and her doctor's. This became a legal precedent. In the hearing before the Supreme Court, Justice Thurgood Marshall asked the Attorney General of Texas a critical question, "when does life begin?" The Attorney General was not prepared for the question, and subsequently had no satisfactory answer. Here was a two-fold fiasco which has led to all most 59 million abortions. Joseph Stalin liked to say that one death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic. In America, the catastrophic number of deaths through abortion is a statistic.


     In assessing this phenomenon, I keep going back to this whole notion of "privacy." If a child was being abused physically, would the courts overlook it because it was done in private? If a child was being sexually molested, would the courts look the other way and conclude it was permissible because it was done in private? If a woman was being abused in the home, would the courts overlook it stating that it was a private matter? When does a privacy issue take priority over someone else's, anyone else's, health and safety? This whole idea is a fabrication.


     The issue in abortion is the fact that a human person is being exterminated. No honest medical professional who understands modern medical science would fail to answer Marshall's question with the answer "life begin's at conception." Yet, the eventual outcome of the present mindset is that life becomes cheapened, and the only test for the value of a person is whether or not they are wanted. So, if an unborn child is wanted, they live, if they are not wanted, they are terminated. It is a matter of convenience.


     When the architects of Nazi Germany termed the phrase, "Lebensunwertes Leben," (Life not worthy of living), they permitted themselves to play the role of God, determining who would and would not be allowed to live. In Nazi Germany this mind-set was a barbarity, in modern America it is a right. It appears to me that our nation has consumed a massive dose of propaganda. This is still evil of the worst magnitude even if everyone applauds it. This is a national decision which needs to be reversed.

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26 October 2016 at 03:07 PM
Jerry Sutton

I might add that redefining evil as a “right” and a matter of “privacy” is a master tactic of Satan and his minions. Consider reading more about this in my newest book, LECTURES FROM THE GATES OF HELL.

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