Shaping a Christian Worldview

31 January 2017
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Shaping a Christian Worldview



     One of the great challenges in contemporary Western culture is answering the question of how Christians can best help the next generation shape a Christian worldview in its children. Public education, government agencies, the media, and multiple student-oriented activities have embraced secularism as the norm. Lip service has been given to the legitimacy of religion in America, yet society's encroachment continues unabated. Churches and their leaders are constantly the target of criticism, and the facts surrounding the significant role of Christianity shaping our nation is systematically being marginalized, eroded and erased.


     If parents do not aggressively assume the responsibility to educate and disciple their children, the culture will make absolutely certain that secularism and humanism will be the default worldview. Two non-negotiables of a Christian worldview are almost self-evident. One, it must be true to Scripture; and two, it must be true to reality.


     Scripture is the normative authority for authentic Christianity. What it teaches about life, its origins, its problems, its meaning, its purpose, and its end constitute the Christian understanding of life. A Christian worldview must also be true to reality. By this, I mean it helps people to understand how to respond to circumstances, how to see cause and effect, how temptation, sin, and death factor into life, how to understand human need and scarcity, for example.


     One reason I wrote Lectures from the Gates of Hell was to help Christians better shape a Christian worldview. There is more to life than meets the eye. Unseen realities exist that play significant roles in how the world operates. To gain a better understanding of this Christian worldview, let me encourage you to get your copy, and read it carefully. You can get yours at a discount at

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