Sutton To Think About

Keep Them Confused

     I am an avid CS Lewis fan. My favorite volume is the Screwtape Letters which I have read and reread multiple times. It is a fictional account of the correspondence between senior devil, Uncle Screwtape, and his fledgling demonic nephew, Wormwood. The book consists of 30 fictional letters written to advise, counsel, admonish, and chasten young Wormwood in his work to corrupt his human client. Uncle Screwtape, whom I like to refer to as The Grand Old Demon, gives his young protege his best "wisdom from below."

     What I like about this particular volume is the fact that Lewis is helping Christians to understand how Satan and his minions operate to "kill, steal, and destroy" as Jesus explained in John 10:10. Fiction is not the same as fantasy, and sometimes sober truth is actually communicated in the guise of a fictional narrative. One of the great ways Satan has opposed the work of God on earth has been to cast a cloak of secrecy over his own enterprise. Keeping Christians confused over who the real enemy is has been one of his most effective weapons in his ongoing attempt to destroy the work of God on earth.

     If this volume had been written for the 21st century and subsequently addressed the issues found in the present circumstances of the world, I think it would look very similar to my newest work. My newest book is written in the genre of fiction, consists of a series of lectures given by demonic luminaries, and details from a demonic perspective Satan's strategies and tactics to destroy the work of God on earth. The title is Lectures from the Gates of Hell. I hope you find it enticing, provocative, and sobering.