Sutton To Think About

Leaked Information


     Much has been said in recent months about "leaked information," especially in our political deliberations. Democrats have concluded that the leaked emails from the DNC were a major factor in Donald Trump's election to the Presidency. Republicans are concerned with "leaks" from various government agencies. The complaints are not that the leaks were untrue, although some of this has been duly noted, but rather that these were confidential even secretive deliberations that no one needed to to see. When they were made public, they damaged credibility, cost jobs, and the election. Yet, it helped people see (as awful as it was) what was actually transpiring.


     Last month, my newest book, Lectures from the Gates of Hell, was released. It is the fictional (not fantasy) accounting of Satan and his demonic hierarchy's strategies and tactics on how to destroy God's work and people's lives. If you are curious about how the enemy stalks, tempts, and attacks, then this book is must reading. A devious design exists with the intention of destroying your life, your family, your influence, and your work. Reading Lectures is like eavesdropping on the enemy's plans.


     This book contains a warning that every serious person should consider. I wish that I had read it 40 years ago. It is like reading "leaked information."