Lectures from the Gates of Hell

Jerry Sutton Publishing

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Subtitled Exposing the Dark Forces That Plot to Destroy Us, Dr Jerry Sutton blows the cover off our enemy's tactics—which are used so often to ruin the lives and ministries of those who would do great things for God.

Written from a candid demonic perspective, Lectures from the Gates of Hell reveals how Satan intends to destroy the human race and, in turn, the whole of God’s creation. The “editors” have collected the best insights from the most profound and devious minds in order to instruct young demons on how best to fulfill their master’s intentions. From Hell’s gates are fifteen lectures divided in five series:

1.“Thwarting the Will of God” by Lucifer the Magnificent (The Prince of Darkness)
2.“The Art of Corrupting Humanity” by Principal Hemlock (Tempters Training College for Young Demons)
3.“How to Damage a Believer” by Professor Wormwood (New College for Young Demons)
4.“How to Destroy a Minister” by Principal Accuser (The House of Corrections for Inept Tempters)
5.“How to Dismantle the Church” by Provost Destructus (Senior Devil, Assistant to Lucifer)

This book is Jerry Sutton’s most creative and poignant book to date. It reflects the reality of Satan’s design to destroy people made in the image of God. Sutton writes, it seems, from personal experience. Every Christian should make this required reading. After reading this book, hopefully people can say with the apostle Paul that “we are not ignorant of Satan’s devices” (2 Corinthians 2:11).

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